Thanks for your wonderful work...you did

an outstanding job and would love to work

with you again.

All the best,


Billy Samoa Saleebey

Rolling, Producer and director


The guys at our post sound house

have commented more than once

about what a good job our production

sound mixer did.  Thanks again for

your hard work and dedication!




Connie Dolph

Careless, Line Producer

“Zsolt is a pleasure to work with. He comes super-prepared, always wears a smile, and delivers an exceptional product for all of our sound needs for production. I have worked with him on a feature film & a TV cooking pilot and I plan on working with him many more times. I highly recommend him for any sound needs for production and you will get more than you ever dreamed of.”

January 17, 2008


Tommy Reid

7-10 split, Director




Thanks for making the "white wall" filming experience memorable. we had a great time and appreciate how exceptionally you captured the sound for the film. Good luck with all of the projects that you do. We hope to we work with you again soon! All the best


White Wall Film.

Jaime, Vivian and James.


Zsolt's attention to details is not only extremely essential on a set, it was prized on mine.

He takes his job very personal and I wouldn't want it any other way. He loves what he does. Zsolt has become a permanent part of my crew.


Julian Dulce Vida


"Nobody's Shalom"





thank you for a wonderful few weeks...you and your team of boys, tim and steve were such a joy to be with and now we must make up the final side of the triangle and make it not so long to work with you again...Pledge This, Phil Cobb's and What? Thank you again my friend.

Shea Farrel .


"Phil Cobb's Dinner For Four"