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The mission

An Odyssey for the Future on board the first hydrogen vessel around the world

Our vision of the future consists in drawing our energy from nature, without damaging it, and without wasting it. This is the vision we wish to share throughout the planet with our innovative project.

To do so, the team has taken on both a human and technological challenge with Energy Observer: the first self-sufficient energy vessel with zero greenhouse gas or fine particule emissions that is powered by hydrogen and renewable energies, thanks to energy coupling.

At sea, onboard Energy Observer, we need as much sun as wind, batteries or hydrogen. The situation is similar on land. Energies and storage systems complement one another, and we have to learn how to make them work together: there isn’t a unique solution to climate change, but rather plenty of possibilities.

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Odyssey for the Future

Energy Observer it’s also an odyssey around the world on the search for innovative solutions for the environment. 6 years, 50 countries, and 101 stopovers, to go and meet people who are designing tomorrow's future, and to prove that a cleaner world is possible.

More than a vessel, Energy Observer is a media platform providing positive and inspiring content in favor of innovative solutions.

The ecological transition needs to be seen as a promise for a better world. Through this exclusive Odyssey, we want to make people dream, to raise awareness, to prove that humans can live in harmony with nature and that the fight against global warming can open some doors to a new economic expansion.

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7712 nautical miles covered
13 visited countries
24 stopovers made

The vessel

Energy Observer is the first hydrogen vessel, aiming for the energy autonomy, with zero greenhouse gas emissions or fine particles. This former race boat, an outstanding competitor has been fully transformed into a vessel of the future, powered by electric propulsion thanks to a mix of renewable energies and a hydrogen production system that produces carbon-free hydrogen on board using seawater.

1. PHOTOVOLTAIC PANELS 130 m2 of photovoltaic panels combining 3 different technologies: conformable, bifacial, and with a non-slip coating 21KWc
2. VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE 2 vertical axis wind turbines, on a mobile support, for power production 2x1KW
3. DESALINATION SYSTEM A seawater desalination system produced by reverse osmosis with two story 105 L/h
4. MARITIME ROUTING Development of a routing software, to optimise the route plan by incorporating the parameters related to sailing conditions (waves, wind, currents...) but also to optimise the production of energy on board (sunshine, cloud cover, hydrogen levels, remaining distance...)
5. MONITORING On board and remote real-time tracking of the performance, management, and optimisation of our energy flows
6. TWO STORY HO COMPRESSORS For the compression of hydrogen from 30 to 350 bars in tanks
7. SMART TRACTION KITE Automated kite intended to increase the speed of the boat and to reduce its energy costs, but also to convert the electric motors into hydrogenerators
8. ELECTROLYSER To break down the H O molecule into oxygen (O ) and dihydrogen (H ). While the oxygen will be released into the atmosphere, the hydrogen will be stored in gaseous form in order to conserve the excess energy 4 Nm3/h at 30 bars
9. HYDROGEN STORAGE Hydrogen tanks for long-term energy storage 2 x 4 322L tanks, or 62kg of H
10. FUEL CELL To generate electricity from the stored hydrogen which acts as a range extender for the vessel, coupled with an absorption machine for air-conditioning 22 KW
11. 400V POWER BATTERIES Li-ion batteries for short-term energy storage and power demands’ management of 106 Kwh for the motorisation, electrolysis, compression, and 220V and 24V power
12. PROPULSION 2 electric motors with very high efficiency rates (97%), reversible in hydrogenerators when kite sailing at 2 x 41 KW at 3000 rpm in propulsion mode and 2 x 2, 5 KW in hydrogeneration mode
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Download the Energy Observer mobile application to discover the boat in Augmented Reality!


Faced with the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the development of renewable energies is the clear path forward . However, these energies are by nature variable and intermittent, and therefore require the development and optimisation of energy storage methods.

Among them, hydrogen (H), the most abundant chemical element in the universe , demonstrates a little more every day its immense potential as an energy vector capable of recovering renewable energies. The issue of the 21st century: learning how to produce it inexpensively and in a carbon-free manner. It is within this research and development context that the Energy Observer project fits in: to prove the performance of this new energy model and thus serve as an example throughout the world.

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The leaders of the expedition

Victorien Erussard Energy Observer Captain Jérôme Delafosse Energy Observer Expedition leader Find out more

Energy Observer Team

Spread across France, it's a team of close to 50 individuals that are currently working on the Energy Observer Project. Navigators, naval architects, engineers, designers, start-ups, all share their expertise and commitment towards innovation for the planet. Find out more

Our Ambassadors

Florence Lambert Ambassador and CEO of CEA-Liten Nicolas Hulot Ambassador and French Minister for The Ecological and Inclusive Transition floral print scarf Pink amp; Purple Valentino 2pJBry3BoK

Our partners

We have committed and motivated partners, who wish to change the rules of the game in regards to internal and external energy transition.For this, our goal is to build concrete and sustainable relationships with each one of them, in order to create added value and to give meaning to our actions.Our vision of partnership is, above all, human and based on shared requirements of trust, transparency, and integrity.

Main Partners:

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Join us on board

Energy Observer continues to seek financial, institutional, media, and scientific partners.

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Official partner

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| Terms and Conditions | Credits |© Energy Observer 2018

2017 - 2022 An Odyssey for the Future on board the first hydrogen vessel around the world

To test, experience, and optimise the embarked technologies in extreme environments in order to later enable their implementation on land.

To locate sustainable solutions, and to participate in their deployment.

To prove to the general public, local communities, and businesses that energy transition is possible.

Energy Observer is the first vessel in the world able to produce its own hydrogen on board, from sea water, without greenhouse gas and particles emissions thanks to a mix of renewable energies. A human and technological challenge, to prove that the ecological transition is possible.

Testing these technologies outside of laboratories...

More than a vessel, Energy Observer will be the laboratory of the energies for a clean future, tested in extreme conditions. Demonstrating the efficiency and performance of our complete hydrogen chain in hostile marine environments, will all the more validate its application on land, and allow its development on other large scale applications; maritime or terrestrial, mobile or stationary.

A XXI century Calypso, at the service of solutions

While most of the great historical expeditions aimed at conquering the territories and appropriating their richness, Energy Observer carries out an expedition of a new kind: leaving to discover people and share knowledge.

Six years, 50 countries, 101 ports of call, in order to raise awareness among the general public on the major themes of ecological transition, including renewable energies, biodiversity, mobility and the circular economy, starting from meeting the pioneers of tomorrow's world.

An Odyssey to connect solutions to problems, value rather than denounce, encourage instead of guilt, thanks to the production of a documentary series of 8 episodes, whose season 1 will be broadcast on Planète+ in 2018.

Energy Observer off La Seyne-sur-Mer (France)
Gémasolar, a solar power station which is able to product energy by night in Sevilla (Spain)
Victorien Erussard and Marin Jarry, chief mate, meet NOTOX, a start-up for ecological surfboards
A study about the calderon dolphins thanks to a 360° video with the Darewin project in Tenerife (Spain)
Jérôme Delafosse and Victorien Erussard at the Gorona del Viento power station in El Hierro, a spanish pioneer island in the energy transition
The production team of Energy Observer

Prove that ecological transition is possible

Energy Observer's educational mission is to raise awareness of one of the major challenges of the 21st century: combating global warming.

General public, schools, heads of state and government, representatives of local authorities, media, companies, public figures... In our itinerant village all around the world, through the production of documentary content, and on board Energy Observer, we want to educate and above all bring together a community committed to the Planet.

From left to right: Victorien Erussard, Florence Lambert, Managing Director of CEA-Liten and Energy Observer Ambassador, Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister, Nicolas Hulot, Minister of State and Energy Observer Ambassador and Didier Bouix, CEA-Liten engineer
Jérôme Delafosse and Victorien Erussard present the project to the public in the village in Nantes (France)
Emmanuel Macron, French President, hands the hashtag of the COP23, #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain, in Bonn (Germany) over to Energy Observer for its world tour, in attendance of Nicolas Hulot, Minister of State and Adnan Z. Amin, Director General of IRENA
Visit of Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux (France)
Victorien Erussard presents Energy Observer to the public in Cherbourg (France)
Sailing with Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and C40 President, in Paris (France)
From left to right : Bertrand Piccard, founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation, Victorien Erussard, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Jérôme Delafosse in Monaco

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The vessel

Construit au Canada en 1983 par l’architecte naval Nigel Irens, sous la supervision du navigateur Mike Birch, il est le maxi-catamaran qui a marqué de manière décisive l’évolution des multicoques. À l’origine long de 24,38 mètres, il a été rallongé quatre fois et mesure aujourd’hui 30,5 mètres pour 12,80 mètres de large.

A legendary boat, transformed into a vessel of the future

After an outstanding racing career under the names of Formule TAG, Tag Heuer, Enza New Zealand, Royal SunAlliance, Team Legato, or Daedalus, this legendary boat has a new life today under the name of Energy Observer, and is paving a new way, the one of sailing autonomously powered by hydrogen.Now equipped with a revolutionary energy architecture, Energy Observer is the first vessel in the world, able to produce its hydrogen from seawater, thanks to renewable energies. More than a boat, Energy Observer is a model for energy networks of the future: digitized, decarbonized and decentralized.A veritable, experimental laboratory with a goal of energy autonomy, each component of this model is tested and optimized under extreme conditions, in order to be able to eventually allow its application in a terrestrial environment.

The living area at the front of the central pod which allows access to three double cabins, two single cabins and a shower room
The captain’s cabin, located in the central pod’s rear area port side
The shower room
Energy Observer’s living space inside the central pod
Energy Observer’s fully equipped kitchen
The work space seen from the front
The cockpit
The bifacial photovoltaic panels on the port side solar wing
Two solar panel technologies: bifacial panels and curved
The bifacial solar panels allow the production of energy from above but also from below thanks to reflection
Event nocturnal lightshow powered by renewable energies
« C1/C2 » central electrical cabinet with cable entries from the photovoltaic panels
Helm at starboard and control and communication station at portside
The catamaran’s two Lithium-ion battery set of 400 Volts
The machine room with the electric propulsion motor in the foreground and the seawater desalination central in the background
Two story seawater desalination central with a production capacity of 105 l/h
The hydrogen storage system
The two-level compression system that allows to compress hydrogen into tanks at 350 bars
The fuel cell used to convert hydrogen into electricity (22 kW) and heat (80°C)
The hydrogen storage system’s control board
The captain, Victorien Erussard, at the helm of Energy Observer
One of the 8 tanks of hydrogen, made of aluminium and carbon fiber. The 8 embarked tanks store up to 62 kg of hydrogen
The fuel cell



On Earth, hydrogen rarely exists in its pure state, and is usually combined with other elements. To obtain hydrogen, an extraction process involving energy consumption is therefore required. Currently, 95% of the hydrogen produced industrially is produced from fossil fuels. That is the reason why large-scale deployment for industrial and individual usage still requires research and development efforts. Moreover, hydrogen is a gas which occupies an important volume under standard pressure conditions. To efficiently store and transport it, we need to reduce its volume. It is therefore essential to develop technologies that allow its compression and production in a decarbonised manner and at a lower cost in order to make it an energy vector of the future. It is within this research and development context that the Energy Observer project fits in. Our laboratory for future energies will have the following missions:

The leaders of the expedition



Victorien was born in Saint-Malo, the year after the first Route du Rhum. 26 years later, he was on the starting line of the legendary race aboard the trimaran Laiterie de Saint Malo. It was his very first solo ocean race, aboard an old 60 feet trimaran that he had updated himself with great willpower and a grinder… Although he had never spent a single night at sea before this crossing, he finished on the podium.In parallel to building a track record which pushed him among the elites of his field, Victorien deepened his knowledge of the sea by pursuing his studies as a multitask officer in the merchant navy. In 2007, he raced in his first Transat Jacques Vabre, alongside Frédéric Dahirel, sixteen years his elder, and finished second.Starting in 2011, Victorien decided to use his competitive appetite towards the fight against multiple sclerosis. For that project, he built from scratch the “Défi Voile Solidaires en Peloton” in favor of the ARSEP foundation with his friend Thibaut Vauchel-Camus. This adventure led them to the Class40 championship title and to a fourth place in his fourth Transat Jacques Vabre in 2015.His desire to serve a cause finally prevailed over the thrill of the competition. Hence the reason he agreed in 2013 to join Frédéric Dahirel in the construction of a solar-powered catamaran, that become, thanks to a perfect blend of spontaneity and experience, the first experimental and self-sufficient energy vessel powered by a complete hydrogen production chain coupled to renewable energies.

“Victorien has the freshness and spontaneity of a teenager, combined with the insight of a man of experience. What surprised me, the first time I met him, was that he didn’t seem to fear anything.”

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“With a world that is waiting for us to make a mistake and digitally immortalize those mistakes, empathy seems to be a lost skill and trait.” —American Counseling Association (ACA)

It’s sad to say in our business-driven world, but the role of empathy in our lives seems to have waned. Profits and sales hog the spotlight, and we exhaust ourselves keeping pace with the frenetic demands of a lightning-fast digital world. That exhaustion has a price: Our ability to care for both ourselves and others.

This is not to say that empathy is dead. As POLO Womens 0PH41181713 Sunglasses Shiny Jerry Tortoise/Browngradient 55 Ralph Lauren HZNqe5PKD
across the U.S. show us, building empathetic policies and practices into corporate structure helps retain top talent and keeps them motivated, happy, and growing. And fortunately for the masses, once-lost acts of compassion now spread virally across social media with millions virtually applauding little acts of kindness. This reinforces the value and importance of empathy, holding up a new kind of everyday heroism.

In light of the struggle between harried culture and quiet but necessary empathy, it’s worth asking ourselves: Are we compassionate people who have the ability (and interest) to relate to the struggles of others?

We built this test to help you answer that very question. Take 5 minutes, complete the test (honestly!), and total your score. At the end of this article, you’ll find guidance on how to become a more empathetic person—and how that empathy can redound to your personal and professional growth. (Note: If you don’t have a spouse or coworkers, respond as if you did. What would your answer look like?)

The Empathy Test 1. How many times over the last week did you ask a coworker how they were doing?

a. None b. 1-2 c. 3-5 d. Every single day

2. How many times over the last week did you ask your spouse about his/her day?

a. I haven’t seen my spouse in a while. b. A couple c. I usually ask them after they ask me. d. Every day or multiple times every day

3. How many times over the last week did you recognize a stranger in need?

a. I’m usually in my own world. b. One or two, but I kept my distance. c. I saw one and almost said something to them, but I didn’t. d. Several, sadly. I see a lot of people who could use help.

4. How many times over the last week did you help a stranger in need?

a. Never. No way. b. I was tempted, but decided not to. c. Once or twice I gave out some money. d. I spent time with people who needed help at least once—maybe more.



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