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Hana mini shoulder bag - Red See By Chlo wNUsz
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                                                        9:40 PM | July 13, 2018
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  • 9:03 PM | July 13, 2018 Sumatran elephant 'poisoned' in Indonesia
  • 8:50 PM | July 13, 2018 Petitioner moves IHC for Imran's disqualification
  • 8:38 PM | July 13, 2018 China urged to solve Pakistani
  • 8:28 PM | July 13, 2018 Eight tourists killed in Murree
  • 7:45 PM | July 13, 2018 Shehbaz leading rally to Lahore Airport
  • 7:36 PM | July 13, 2018 Medical board to examine Nawaz,
  • 7:34 PM | July 13, 2018 No political leader or candidate
  • 7:21 PM | July 13, 2018 Indian batsman Mohammad Kaif announces
  • 7:15 PM | July 13, 2018 Chaos as Nawaz nears Lahore
  • 7:13 PM | July 13, 2018 Peshawar Zalmi launches 'Madrasa Cricket League'
  • 7:06 PM | July 13, 2018 Cholistan - future food basket
  • 6:52 PM | July 13, 2018 Silicon Valley employees flex newfound
  • 6:47 PM | July 13, 2018 Police busts gang of fake
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  • Sports Rosenblog

    Tribune writers Brad Biggs and Rich Campbell recap the Bears' 27-24 overtime win over the Ravens on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. (Colleen Kane/Chicago Tribune)

    Tribune writers Brad Biggs and Rich Campbell recap the Bears' 27-24 overtime win over the Ravens on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017. (Colleen Kane/Chicago Tribune)

    Steve Rosenbloom Contact Reporter

    It wasn’t Foldaway Tote Little Fish by VIDA VIDA 4PgeavCci5
    ’s fault
    that the Bears special teams stunk Sunday against the Knutsen Snapback Cap In Grey Grey Element Fm6Rt

    It wasn’t Mitch Trubisky ’s fault

    But he found a way to do something about it when he hadn’t done anything spectacular all game.

    Cashmere Silk Scarf Grace by VIDA VIDA v0ItJbaWgt
    inRead invented by Teads

    On third-and-11 at the Ravens’ 41 yard line in overtime, the rookie quarterback danced around the pocket, leaped and fired a pass that a leaping Silk Ties On Sale Cadmium Red Silk 2017 one size Mila Schön Ties On Sale Cadmium Red x41KtUxQtb
    hauled in for 18 yards, the critical play in a game the Bears would win 27-24 several moments later on a Connor Barth field goal.

    All game, Trubisky was handing off, it seemed. That was the game plan, and it was working, but it was boring. At the time, you wondered if trying to win a game that way was counterproductive to Trubisky’s growth.

    Because, face it, the point of Sunday’s game — heck, every game the rest of the way — is Trubisky’s progress. That’s the Bears’ season. That’s the only reason to watch. The only thing to care about. He’s the future, or he’s another death spiral in a franchise that has mastered them from ownership on down.

    The debut of the second overall draft choice against the Vikings last Monday night — 12 of 25 for 128 yards, a touchdown and an homage to Jay Cutler and Mike Glennon with a lost fumble and interception at the worst possible time — set a baseline. There must be improvement each week. Improvement in something. Everything. No backsliding.

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    There are a lot of different cleansing techniques out there, and finding the one that’s right for you can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you really just want to give your body a break, hit the reset button on your digestive system, and do a short detox without a lot of fuss, this is the cleanse for you. The process is simple, straightforward, easy to follow, and it’s only three days long—making it a very manageable undertaking for most people. If this will be your first experience with cleansing, you’ve chosen a perfect place to start.

    This cleanse can be undertaken at any time of year, but it will be especially beneficial at the junctions between seasons—when our bodies are ripe with a sense of transition already. However, even a very simple cleanse like this one is not appropriate during menstruation, for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for anyone who is extremely weak or debilitated at the moment.

    This three-day cleanse is generally safe for a diverse range of constitutions and imbalances (if you don't know yours, take our Modal Scarf Luna Modal Scarf by VIDA VIDA Nt7slXR
    ). Still, any cleanse can be exhausting, emotionally taxing, and physically uncomfortable due to the nature of the detoxification process. This cleanse is extremely gentle and should not cause a great deal of discomfort, but you may still experience some ups and downs—on either emotional or physical levels.

    The practice of cleansing is considered a vital part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. It provides an important means of clearing accumulated waste and toxicity from the mind and the tissues, encouraging optimal health. These days, a periodic cleansing regimen is more vital to our health than ever before. Our bodies are being asked to process a seemingly endless barrage of harmful inputs such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress. Over time, these stressors can cause toxicity to build up in the system, deposit in the tissues, and compromise our health. A periodic cleanse helps to clear these accumulations from the body.

    This particular cleanse is based on eating a monodiet of whole grains and kitchari, drinking plenty of detoxifying fluids, and taking Triphala in the evening to support digestion, elimination, and the body’s natural detoxification processes. This regimen supports the physiology by slowing the flood of harmful inputs and by providing the body with an important opportunity to rest, recuperate, and repair itself.

    A simple three-day cleanse can help to:

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    To empower each team member, it is a great strategy to work with their strengths rather than working around their weaknesses. It is a good idea to have each member take a personality test such as the Myers-Briggs, and hold a team roundtable to share results. This is a great bonding exercise because the results allow each person to get to know themselves and their team members in a much deeper way. It also gives team members information about who to go to and for what based upon each person’s individual strengths. When teams are connected in this way, each member is set up for success because they are each assigned tasks that play to their respective strengths.

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    Cohesive teams are more successful. They are successful because each person on the team is included in as many large decisions as possible. When team members feel this type of inclusion, they feel the perceived significance of their role, causing them to naturally perform better. To be the most effective, teamsshould to participate in daily huddles where each member discusses their goals and objectives for day. This helps to avoid duplication of effort and competition betweenteam members. These huddles keep everyone on the same playbook and enables team members to re-direct their efforts as needed.

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    For teams to grow they must be encouraged to brainstorm and question the status quo in an open and non-judgmental environment. Team members must be coached and led to believe the challenges and obstacles they face can and will be overcome. When a “can-do” attitude is instilled it motivates team members to live up to those “can-do” expectations. It is also important to ask team members for their thoughts, their reasoning and ideas on a regular basis. The more connected and understood they feel to their manager or leader, the more motivated they will be to perform, impress, be creativeand to exceed expectations.

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    Most requests and promises are held sacred within a team, but considered optional between other company units or customers. Taking a request from a customer seriously and demonstrating that the team is working to do what they say they are going to do, goes a long way towards building trust and blurring boundaries. The question every customer and every business unit asks of another is, can I count on you? Will you be there when I need you? Do you care about this as much as we do? When team members and customers feel they can depend upon you and your team to deliver what they expect, business grows, relationships grow as does revenue.


    The Fairfield University Art Museum presents four to six temporary exhibitions annually in the Bellarmine Hall Galleries and the Walsh Gallery. These exhibitions survey a wide swath of centuries and cultures, from the ancient world to modern and contemporary, and are accompanied by an array of educational programming for all audiences.

    Mizusashi: Japanese Water Jars from the Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz Collection

    Bellarmine Hall Galleries

    June 5, 2018 - December 14, 2018

    A is a utensil used in the Japanese tea ceremony, a tradition with medieval origins that is still widely practiced today. In a tea gathering, a host prepares bowls of tea by whisking together powdered green tea and hot water drawn from a kettle. The , typically an earthenware or stoneware jar, holds the water used to replenish the kettle and rinse the bowls. The first utensil to enter the room and the last to leave, the is a locational and aesthetic anchor for the gathering and can take a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances. This selection of 20th- and 21st-century highlights two important trends-the perpetuation of longstanding tea traditions alongside the artistry and technical excellence that define modern Japanese ceramics.

    learn more →

    # UN LOAD: Guns in the Hands of Artists

    Walsh Gallery

    June 1 - October 13, 2018

    The Fairfield University Art Museum, in partnership with # UN LOAD and the Guns In The Hands of Artists Foundation , is proud to announce the opening of the exhibition, # UN LOAD . Each piece in the exhibition was created using decommissioned guns, taken off the streets of New Orleans via a gun buyback program and distributed to internationally-known artists. Painters, glass artists, sculptors, photographers, poets, and other artists used the decommissioned firearms to create works of art that address the complex issue of guns and gun violence. The exhibition originated in mid-1990s New Orleans, where a spiking murder rate led artist Brian Borrello to conceive of the first iteration of exhibition by bringing the discussion over the role of guns and gun violence in our society into the realm of art -- art as the language for dialogue and possibly change without the often partisan and polarized politics that surround the issue. Borrello and gallery owner Jonathan Ferrara mounted this exhibition at Positive Space The Gallery in September 1996 in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. In 2014, Ferrara reorganized the exhibition to feature work by internationally recognized artists. Through their own medium, each artist has used the decommissioned firearms to create works that express a thought, make a statement, open a discussion, and stimulate thinking about guns in our culture.

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